Laundering By and By

Friday, February 20, 2009

Reading-- Of Deadly Desent by G.G. Vandagriff
Listening to-- nothing

The last few days have been stressful money-wise. As I've mentioned to a few friends already, I didn't expect my computer repair bill to be so high--$114.20. *sigh* I had to use the Direct Advance Service on my online banking account to cover what I couldn't--I had $93 and some odd cents in my bank account at the time, and that was it. Trouble is, the money I borrowed from this Direct Advance Service is going to come out of my account when my Disability Benefits go in. (That's how it works. When you get more money directly into your bank account, the amount of money you borrowed, plus a small transaction fee is taken out to pay back what you borrowed. Did that make sense to people?) And this means come the first of March, I won't have the normal amount of moolah that I should...that my parents (who are my landlords) will expect me to me have. It means I won't have enough to pay full rent or most of my bills. And knowing how both my parents are about money, I'm DEFINITELY not looking forward to telling them that I can't pay full rent. *sighs*

The above poem was a cathartic outlet for me regarding this problem--as you can probably guess from the first line. I just needed to let loose some of my pent-up worries about my funds for March. *exhaling slowly* I find it ironic that I'm on the brink of personal financial disaster, when I'm being elected Treasurer for Idaho's Self-Advocacy Leadership Network (SALN). *drops head in hands and groans*

Anyways, the poem's style is called "The Blitz," as it's a stream of short phrases that bring to mind images, using repetition and a rapid flow. I thought it would be fun to try a new form of poetry, and that it would lighten my mood. It's worked a lil.

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