Dona Nobis Pacem ("Grant Us Peace")

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Feeling--all right
Reading-- Abby Cooper, Psychic Eye, by Victoria Laurie
I'm grateful for-- feeling calmer, more able to deal with changes in my family

Today, I "Blogblast" for Peace.As those who read my blog fairly regularly have probably noticed, I've been pretty emotional about Mike, Jen and their kids leaving for Virginia today. As I kept telling everybody, I was already emotional because of feeling disconnected or "off-kilter," the surest sign of an impending seizure. My brother's family moving back East only compounded my misery.

Sure enough, last night I had a seizure in bed, thankfully a brief and mild one. And, strangely, today I feel calmer, more cheerful, more myself. I feel almost at peace with their moving so far away. I still don't like the fact they had to move clear across the United States, but at least I can accept and deal with it calmly and somewhat peacefully now--which I'm so thankful for!

Heavenly Father, thank thee for granting me the peace and solace I so needed! I didn't think I would feel this way for many days yet.

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